Teasers Suggest 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Will Have North of 750 HP

Back in January, when we learned that Dodge was working on a new iteration of the Challenger, they also kicked off a teaser campaign that would stretch for twelve weeks until its unveiling. While the release date of this new model (called the SRT Demon) is fast approaching, we still haven’t gotten any solid intel on its horsepower numbers… until we took a look back at a video from a few weeks ago.

At the moment, the most powerful version of the Challenger is the 707-hp SRT Hellcat. From what the teaser campaign has shown us, the Demon will be quite a bit more powerful, and also shed 200 lbs. of weight. With unique drag radial tires, torque-management hardware and software, not to mention an exhaust note that would humble any deity living or dead, you can’t blame us for wanting to know more.

Looking back at the “Performance Pages” video, however, we can start to see just how much more nimble the Demon will be than the Hellcat. In the video, the car lists a 3-second flat 0-60 time—a full half-second quicker than the Hellcat. And on the Dyno page, which lists peak horsepower for the most recent drive, we see a benchmark of around 750 horsepower. Some, however, believe that there may be more.

Will the SRT Demon break 800 ponies? We’ll find out soon at the New York Auto Show. In the meantime, we can sate any of your current automotive needs at our Dodge dealership in Oklahoma City, OK. Just drop us a line.

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